Gnome Land


The warmer weather has seen the children exploring different areas on the garden, in the bushes, under the tree house and beside the wind chimes.  With a little imagination their have created a whole little village for Gnomes and fairies to live.


It started when a few children noticed a large ring or mushrooms on the field.  They were very interested why they were growing in the field next to all the wild flowers.  Gathering the flowers to make the garden pretty they arranged them in special places. 


The next day the children found some little messages left in their special areas. They wondered who could have left them?  After much discussion they decided it was probably the Gnomes and Fairies who visited the garden when all the children had gone home.  


With much care and thought the children worked together to make special places for the Gnomes and the Fairies to live.


It lots like a lovely place to live. It even has a swimming pool!!!