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Language development is crucial to all learning. Young children need to learn how to listen to, understand and use simple language to help them become effective communicators.

We have developed a range of strategies using story and book time to encourage active listening, develop and extend vocabulary, improve verbal skills, inspire imagination and creative thinking and support turn taking and social skills. All of this contributes to a child’s developing knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the world of print.

At the nursery the children have a daily session of story and language development that includes; sharing books, singing, role play, using musical instruments and phonic awareness.

Sharing familiar stories over a period of time allows children to develop an understanding of characters, sense of place and the story plot. They begin to have favourites that they will retell using their knowledge of the story. In each key group and around the nursery environment there are sets of core books. Children can enjoy reading these again and again. These books have been carefully selected to develop vocabulary, illustrations, repetition, rhythm and rhyme.
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