Governing Body Vision

Oxclose Community Nursery School Governing Body aim to support the Headteacher and staff in delivering their objectives via a robust accountability and reporting process.
We aim to achieve this by working through the Governors Development Plan and evaluating our progress through the success criteria.
We are motivated to secure the best interests of the school and its pupils and always willing to collaborate with all staff, parents and the local authority and those in the wider community who have interests in the school’s conduct and standards.
Rebecca Aiken Savile
Chair  Of Governors
Dawn Young
Vice Chair of Governors



Constitution of the Governing Body

Every School has a governing body to represent the public and community in the running of schools.  At Oxclose Community Nursery School we have an excellent mix of experienced governors drawn from elected parents, local authority representatives, staff and co-opted members from the local community.

Our constitution is: Governor details

  • 6 co-opted governors
  • 3 parent governors
  • 2 staff governors ( including the Headteacher)
  • 1 local authority representative.


As governors, our primary focus is to enable and support the Headteacher in our shared goal of providing the best education possible for the children. We do this through formal meetings of the full governing body and its appointed committees.

Committees with delegated responsibilities are:

  • Finance and Premises Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Personnel Appeals Committee
  • Performance Management Committee
  • General Purpose Committee
  • Complaints Committee
  • Challenge working party


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