There has been much excitement in the nursery school this week.  In preparation of the Queen's 90th birthday the children have been finding out some interesting facts about her and the royal family.  They children also decided being ninety deserved a very big party and to help with the celebrations they made red, white and blue bunting, painted her portrait, made an extra special birthday cake (all be themselves) and made cheese or jam sandwiches which they thought the Queen would probably like to eat at a party!


On Friday, in the middle of our celebration picnic the Queen (AKA Mrs Anderson) made a surprise appearance.  The children were so thrilled.  We all curtsied and sang 'Happy Birthday'.


Then some of the children asked the Queen some questions.


"What did she get for her birthday?"


"A very big box of chocolates," she said


"What is her dog called?"


" Suzie"


"How did she get to Oxclose Nursery School?"


"By limousine."


We had a lovely time meeting the Queen.  We wish her a very happy birthday!!