School Prospectus

Introduction. 1
Contact Information. 1
Governors. 2
Nursery Information. 3
Admissions. 3
Induction Procedure. 3
Home Visits. 4
Routine. 4
Personal Belongings. 4
Special Educational Needs (SEN) 4
Equal Opportunities Relating to Age/Disability/Gender/Race/Religion and Beliefs/Sexuality  4
Safeguarding. 5
Mobile Phones. 5
Digital Photography. 5
Retention of Records. 5
Attendance. 5
Sickness. 6
Medicine. 6
Snack. 6
Cost of Activities & Visits. 6
School Uniform.. 6
Toileting. 7
Playing Outside. 7
Jewellery. 7
Curriculum.. 8
Behaviour Policy. 12
We praise and reward by: 12
Consequences. 12
You as Parents/Carers can help by: 12
Interaction with Parents. 13
Notice board. 13
Website and Facebook. 13
Mobile Texting Service. 13
Planning. 13
Complaints. 13
Health and Safety. 14
Security. 14
Our Community. 14
Wraparound Childcare. 15
Wraparound Opening Times. 15
Services Charges. 15
Contract 15
Overdue Account 15
Childcare Register 16
Complaints. 16


Vision Statement
At Oxclose Community Nursery School we are passionate about learning.  As a team we are committed to providing the very best for the children in our care, their families and the wider community.
We aim to provide a learning environment where children can experience a sense of awe and wonder, enabling them to develop a love for learning.  Our stimulating curriculum enables children to become independent, confident, enthusiastic and caring individuals inspired for life.




I would like to welcome you to Oxclose Community Nursery School and let you know how excited we are to have the opportunity to work with parents and children at the start of their education.
We are a Local Authority Community Nursery School staffed by qualified teachers, nursery nurses and support staff with many years’ experience.  We aim to provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment which promotes learning through play. 
We are a friendly, caring school where staff and governors strive to ensure that your child is safe and happy.  We encourage a love of learning and the confidence to explore opportunities to achieve maximum success during the children’s time with us.  Our partnership with you as parents is a key factor to this success and we will work hard to involve you in every step of your child’s learning journey through these important early years.  There will be plenty of opportunities for you to talk with staff about your child’s development and to celebrate their achievements throughout the year.
The Nursery has links with Oxclose Church and enjoys being part of the Oxclose community and works in partnership with local primary and secondary schools.  We support three local parent and toddler groups at our neighbouring Children’s Centre and enjoy getting to know new families.
I hope this prospectus will help with information about the school but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Julie Heron

Contact Information

Oxclose Community Nursery School
Brancepeth Road
Tyne & Wear
NE38 0LA
Telephone: (0191) 219 3618


Governors Missions Statement
Oxclose Community Nursery School Governing Body aims to support the Headteacher and staff in delivering their objectives via a robust accountability and reporting process.
We aim to achieve this by working through the Governor’s Development Plan and evaluating our progress through the success criteria.
We are motivated to secure the best interests of the school and its pupils and always willing to collaborate with all staff, parents, the Local Authority and those in the wider community who have an interest in the schools conduct and standards.
The Governing Body of Oxclose Nursery consists of parents, Local Authority representatives, community representatives and nursery staff.  The full Governing Body meets on a termly basis.  Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Rebecca Aiken-Saville who can be contacted via the School.
A word from our Chair of Governors:
Rebecca Aiken-Saville

Nursery Information

IMPORTANT: Please remember that it is a regulation that your child must be collected by an adult (aged eighteen or over). If you arrange for someone different to collect your child please advise us beforehand.
Children are entitled to 15 hours of funded education in the term following their 3rd birthday. We offer places starting September (Autumn Term), January (Spring Term) and April (Summer Term).
The sessions we offer are: 5 x 3hour morning sessions (8.45am to 11.45am) or
                                           5 x 3hour afternoon sessions (12.30pm to 3.30pm)
As from September 2017 we can also offer the new 30 hour education for eligible working parents. We have 3 options available:
  • 30 hours over 3 days (7.30am until 5.30pm) (please note we have limited places for this option)
  • 30 hours over 5 days (8.45am until 2.45pm) (a late pick up time of 3.30pm can also be arranged)
  • 25 hours over 5 days (either 7.30am until 12.30pm or 12.30pm until 5.30pm). This option enables parents to access the remaining funding across holiday times with another provider.
    Some children may be entitled to 15 hours of funded child care provision the term after their second birthday.  As this is subject to Government legislation and is often changed, details of the criteria are available from the School Office or by contacting the Families Information Service.
    If you would like your child to attend Nursery you must call at the school to complete a registration form. We will need to see your child’s birth certificate and proof of address; without this information registration cannot be processed.

    Induction Procedure

    It is very important to us that your child settles happily into Nursery and we use the following procedure to achieve this:
    • We regard parents/carers as valued partners and so before your child starts school, you are invited to visit us, meet his/her key worker, have the opportunity to look around the Nursery and learn about our school and what we are trying to achieve.  For children starting nursery in September the meeting will usually be in July.
    • To help the children settle into nursery, their first week will be a gradual introduction.  They will attend for one hour on the first two days, two hours on the third and fourth day and, depending upon each child’s well-being and confidence, they will attend the full session of three hours on the fifth day.
    • For younger two year old children starting with us, your child’s key worker will  help us to structure an induction procedure to meet you and your child’s needs.
    It may take a little while for your child to settle in but don’t let this worry you.  This is quite natural. Our number one priority is your child and we want him/her to feel safe, happy and secure in their new environment.

    Home Visits

    The home visit will be arranged at a mutually convenient time with the nursery staff and will only last for about twenty minutes.  This is an excellent opportunity for your child to meet the new adults they will be interacting with, in a familiar place to them. This helps to strengthen the bond between children and Nursery staff and helps a child feel more secure when starting Nursery.  We also feel that it helps your child with the transition between home and school.


    Young children feel secure when they have a continuous and consistent routine. 
    At the beginning of each session children are welcomed into their keyworker group in which they are registered.  At this time they will have the opportunity to talk to their keyworker and chat to friends.  They will also be asked to participate in an activity planned by their keyworker.
    Following this, the children are supported by staff to play and learn in areas of the nursery that interest them, both inside and out. They are brought back together at break time to share a healthy snack and discuss what they have been doing with their friends. At the end of the session the children return to their Keyworker group to share a story or singing circle before home time.

    Personal Belongings

    We discourage the practice of children bringing toys and other none essential belongings to the Nursery.  If this is done, it is done entirely at the parents’ own risk and the Nursery will take no responsibility or be in any way liable for loss or damage to any such items.
    All rules have exceptions, and we do understand that on occasion a small toy or personal item from home may help to settle a child new to Nursery and on these occasions we will be flexible.

    Special Educational Needs (SEND)

    Some children from time to time may need extra support at Nursery. This may involve outside specialists, for example, Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologists or Health Visitors.  Parents are always consulted and parental permission id requested  before making referral for additional advise.  Parents have the opportunity to meet with the Inclusion Manager and SENco to discuss any concerns and the extra support their requires in school and at home.  At this point you may be given a Support Plan that sets out targets for your child’s learning and development.
    It is the policy of the school to incorporate children with physical and medical needs into the Nursery.
    If you have any concerns about your child please speak to your child's key worker.

    Equal Opportunities Relating to Age/Disability/Gender/Race/Religion and Beliefs/Sexuality

    At Oxclose Nursery Community Nursery School we respect and value each and every individual associated with the school.  We are committed to ensuring social inclusion and equality of opportunities for pupils and staff to achieve their full potential.  We promote positive attitudes in all areas of diversity, equality and community cohesion.



    Parents should be aware that the school would take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils/students.
    In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to significant harm, ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the staff have no alternative but to follow SSCB (Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board) Child Protection Procedures and inform Children Services Social Care of their concern. 
    The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
    The designated safeguarding person at the Nursery is Mrs Julie Heron, Headteacher, and the deputy designated persons are Mrs Nicola Knight and Mrs Lorraine Brown.  The designated governor is Mrs Rebecca Aiken-Saville, Chair of Governors.

    Mobile Phones

    For safeguarding reasons, the use of mobile phones by parents and visitors is not permitted within the school premises.


    Digital Photography

    Parents are not allowed to photograph or record any events or performances held at the nursery. This is to ensure the safety and safeguarding of all of our children.

    Retention of Records

    Principle Five of the Data Protection Act which notes that information must not be held for longer than necessary.  Retention Schedules highlight how long different types of records should be held in schools, offices or in archive storage, based on National Archives and Records Management Society guidelines, known statutory requirements, local authority best practice and results of internal information audits.
    Oxclose Community Nursery School recognises that the efficient management of its records is necessary to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and to contribute to the effective overall management of the school.  We have a policy on records management and have a retention schedule in place.
    Parents can contact the school office if they would like a copy of our Records Management Policy or Retention Schedule.


    The Local Authority supports Oxclose Community Nursery School in raising the awareness of the importance of regular attendance.  The nursery message is delivered in a positive, fun and upbeat way with the help of Spike, our friendly mascot.


    For continuity of the child’s education, please try to ensure that he/she attends as regularly as possible.  Please let us know on the first day of sickness if your child is unwell and not attending. This is especially important if your child is booked in for a lunch, as all booked lunches not previously cancelled, must be paid for.  Parents will be contacted on the first day of absence if we have not been advised of the cause of absence.
    After any period of illness it is important that children are sufficiently recovered to cope with a school day before they are returned to school.
    In the case of sickness and diarrhoea we ask that children should be well for 48 hours following the last episode of illness before returning.


    Where practicable we ask that medicines are administered at home but when this is not possible please speak to your child's keyworker and you will be asked to fill in a Medication Consent Form.  Medication can only be given if prescribed by a doctor and your child’s name, date of dispensing and dosage is clearly labelled.
    If your child has specific medical needs an appropriate Care Plan will be drawn up.


    The children have a snack during each session and we ask for a donation of £7 per term to cover the costs involved.  Snack is generally a drink of milk or water, with fruit or raw vegetables, e.g. carrots.  However the children are able to sample and enjoy other tastes and textures when we cover relevant topics, e.g. different countries.
    Payment can either be made in one amount at the beginning of each term or by paying £1 per week.  Payments should be placed in an envelope bearing your child’s name.

    Cost of Activities & Visits

    By law we cannot make any charge for activities and visits and where possible the school will cover such expenses.  On occasions however, without the subsidy of a contribution, an event may not be able to take place and in these circumstances we may ask for voluntary contributions.  We will always advise parents in advance.

    School Uniform

    Children attending Nursery are given the option of wearing a non-compulsory uniform consisting of a red sweatshirt/cardigan and yellow polo shirt with black or grey trousers/skirt. These can be purchased from most supermarkets.
    Clothing with the school logo can be purchased from ‘Little Gems’ in the Galleries Shopping Centre. Pre-owned uniform can also be purchased from nursery at a much reduced cost.
    The most important factor is your child is dressed in sensible and comfortable clothing that they can cope with when going to the toilet, playing in the water or changing for dressing up. It is important that they are able to develop independence.
    In nursery we undertake many ‘messy’ activities including clay, dough and paint. Children are asked to wear aprons but occasionally spills do occur.
    In relation to the children’s clothing, all items of clothing, including shoes, must be clearly marked with the child’s name.  When using the climbing frame the children are often in bare feet and as children's school shoes often look similar this can cause problems.  We do have a lost property box in the cloakroom for items which have become separated from their owners but please, help us to help you… name-tag ALL clothing!
    Another issue is trying to find the children's hats, gloves and scarves etc when they have been outside playing.  To try and alleviate this problem we have introduced a 'belongings bag' for each child on their peg in the porch and encourage them to place these items in their bag.


    As parents we all know that accidents may occur at school.  We would appreciate parents providing spare underwear and socks in your child's 'belongings bag' to use if we need to change your child.
    For younger children nappy changing and potty training can be supported in school.  We ask parents to provide nappies, pull-ups or underwear to  help us in this task.

    Playing Outside

    Part of our ethos in nursery is to use the outdoor environment on a daily basis, rain or shine.  We spend a lot of time outside being active which is essential to develop children's play. The Early Years Foundation Stage says that children must have daily opportunities to outdoor play.
    For rainy days we encourage the children to wear one of our 'all in one' waterproof suits and wellies.   I am sure you will understand that even with protection your child may occasionally come home muddy and this is an unavoidable part of nursery life.


    No jewellery should be worn by the children in school both for Health and Safety reasons and because of the risk of loss or damage. Parents of children who wear stud earrings are requested to sign an indemnity form.


    We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to inform our curriculum planning.  This allows us to tailor learning to the needs and interests of the children and their stages of development.  The framework is set out into three prime areas of development:
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Communication and Language
    • Physical Development
    And four specific areas of learning:
    • Literacy
    • Mathematical Understanding
    • Understanding of the World
    • Expressive Arts and Design
    We support your child’s development in all areas of learning by providing experiences and resources that promote:
    • Play and exploration
    • Active learning
    • creating and thinking critically.
    The children are able to:




    …develop as a real writer

    …take responsibility to look after the environment and care for others
    …develop an understanding of other cultures and festivals



    …exploring stories and living the characters


    …enjoy sharing books
    …build friendships








    …use technology to aid learning
    …become mathematicians



    Behaviour Policy

    In Oxclose Nursery we are committed to establishing a learning environment that promotes positive behaviour and relationships where children treat each other with care and respect.
    Positive behaviour is encouraged and rewarded
    • We encourage responsibility
    • We model appropriate behaviour in different ways
    • We discuss behaviour in 'Circle Time' and nurture groups
    • We demonstrate that the child is still valued even if his/her behaviour is unacceptable
    • We help the children to understand the consequences of their behaviour on others

    We praise and reward by:

    • Kind words of encouragement
    • Daily helper responsibility
    • Highlighting good examples to other children
    • Stickers
    • Name on the Kind Tree
    • Inform parents
    • Star of the Week Award


    Although our main approach is to encourage positive behaviour there will be times when we need to deal with negative behaviour.
    Some of the ways we do this are;
    • Reminders of rules
    • Warning as to next consequence
    • Time out with a member of staff
    • Withdrawal from activity
    • Talk to Parent/Carer

    You as Parents/Carers can help by:

    • Praising your child when they receive an award
    • Reinforcing positive behaviour at home
    • Working together with us if your child does not behave well.
    Behaviour that concerns staff will be brought to the attention of parents, with the aim of working in partnership to support their child.

    Interaction with Parents

    We consult parents regularly through questionnaires and discussions.
    You can speak to a member of staff at any time during the day if they are available. 
    Also, you are welcome to e-mail the school at

    Notice board

    We have a notice board situated in the cloakroom, which keeps parents up to date with what is going on in the Nursery.  We also communicate with you via letters and text messages.  


    The school’s website contains a lot of information about the nursery, much of it in pictorial form, as well as a school calendar, a diary of forthcoming events and an events’ chronicle showing some of our school activities. It is updated regularly and can be accessed at
    As indicated above, occasionally events and special days are recorded in picture form and are published for all to see on our website.  However, pictures of children will NOT be distributed via any medium outside of the nursery’s physical boundaries without the express written permission of that child’s parent.   As a parent you will be asked to sign a consent form giving your permission for your child’s picture to appear on the website or in publications such as this prospectus.  If you do not wish pictures of your child to be used, then indicate this to staff when the subject is addressed.  The choice is entirely yours and is not open to debate.
    We have a Facebook page where we post regular updates of events and news in the nursery. You can ‘like’ our page Oxclose Community Nursery School, Washington.

    Mobile Texting Service

    Parents are able to join our mobile texting service which enables the school to pass on information quickly, for example, if bad weather conditions stopped the school from opening. We also use the messaging service for reminders of events etc


    Some of our observations of children learning are displayed in the cloakroom.  Please speak to us about what you see – we want to work in partnership to help us to learn more about your child and their interests.


    It is our wish to resolve any complaints parents might have.  Complaints should firstly be made to the Headteacher and hopefully will be resolved at this level.
    If a resolution to a complaint cannot found by the Headteacher, it may then need to go to the Governing Body.  This would require the complainant to contact the school’s Chair of Governors by letter, and if possible include a copy of the original letter of complaint, as well as reasons for the continued dissatisfaction.

    This correspondence should be sent to the Chair of Governors, c/o Specialist Minute Taking Team, Children’s Services, Room 1.83, Civic Centre, Burdon Road, Sunderland SR2 7DN.

    The responsibility for dealing with your complaint lies with the school and its Governing Body.  The LA will, however, investigate any complaints about schools, subject to the Governing Body’s approval, involving allegations of gross misconduct or illegal actions, and also in the following areas:
    • The school curriculum, collective worship and religious education and the provision of information required by law
    • Appeals about admissions
    • Appeals about exclusions
    • Appeals about assessments and statements of special educational needs.
    For full details please see our Complaints Policy on the school’s website,

    Health and Safety

    The Nursery has a Health and Safety policy.  The policy complies with the Local  Authority Guidelines on Health and Safety in Schools.
    All out of school visits are risk assessed and if you are accompanying your child the risks will be shared with you.


    The gates and doors to Nursery are kept locked during school times and emergency exits can only be opened from inside.
    Our main entrance has a buzzer and visitors can be seen before admittance is gained.
    All staff, students and volunteers on the Nursery site have been subject of a DBS police check (Disclosure and Barring Service).

    Our Community

    As a Community Nursery School we value the involvement of the community; we have strong links with the local church and toddler groups who use the neighbouring Children’s Centre.




    Wraparound Childcare

    We are able to offer Wraparound Childcare in the Nursery for those who need more childcare provision. We can provide care over breakfast, lunch and after school, as well as extra sessions in the main Nursery. 
    The needs of the children and their parents/carers are our top priority.
    In our Wraparound Childcare provision we offer the highest quality of childcare; we aim to establish a calm and happy atmosphere where all children will feel relaxed, respected, very welcome and at home.
    All staff employed to care for your child work together as a team to ensure the best care and education is provided for each individual child.
    Parents are welcome to come along to discuss their child’s development and/or their requirements in relation to the Wraparound Childcare provision. 

    Wraparound Opening Times

    Monday – Friday         7.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Snacks are provided for the children, which vary on a daily basis and give consideration to each child’s nutritional needs.  Lunch will be provided by the school kitchen, and will take into account any specific dietary needs.  Any such needs should be brought to the attention of school staff at the time of initially booking the child’s lunches.

    Services Charges

    For further information contact the school or access the website at



    Parents are required to enter a contract between themselves and the Wraparound Childcare provision.  This contract will include the name of the child attending and outline the contact details of a readily available parent/carer, the sessions the child is to attend, and any medical information pertaining to the child.  The parent/guardian will sign the contract to indicate their understanding of the terms and their agreement with those terms and associated charges involved in providing the service.
    The Wraparound Childcare contract full terms and conditions are available on request from the school office and may also be viewed on the website at

    Overdue Account

    It is not the desire of Oxclose Nursery Wraparound Childcare that any parent should get into arrears with their childcare bill.  We therefore ask that everyone pays their bill in accordance with the terms of the contract which you will be asked to read and required to sign.  Failure to pay the account at the due time may result in your contract and the child’s place in Wraparound Childcare being suspended, as well as civil redress undertaken to recover any outstanding debt.


    Childcare Register

    It is of paramount importance within the nursery to be able to account for all children at all times.  For this reason a register will be kept and all children entering the building will be signed in at the beginning and signed out at the end of each session – also names of all staff, students on placement, volunteers and visitors will be recorded.


    Should you have a complaint or cause for concern about any aspect of the wraparound provision you are advised to adopt the following procedure:
  • Discuss the issue with a member of staff
  • Discuss the issue with the Headteacher
  • If you are still unhappy or concerned you can contact the Chair of Governors, c/o Specialist Minute Taking Team, Children’s Services, Room 1.83, Civic Centre, Burdon Road, Sunderland SR2 7DN.
    The school  is  inspected by the ‘Office for Standards in Education’ (Ofsted).  Inspection reports may be obtained from the nursery staff  or downloaded from the school’s web site

      Enjoying lunch
    After-school activity

    If any of the items within this document require further clarification or you have unresolved questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Nursery School.

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